About Us

Antonio Angelini was born in Triggiano, Bari, Italy in 1971. He

immigrated to the United States at the age of 11 years to the suburbs
of Chicago.

At a very young age, Tony loved to eat. His mother had told him if he
wanted to eat “like this all the time” he had better learn how to cook for
himself. So a very young Tony took his Mother’s advice and learned to
create what “he tasted” in his mind.

While working for other restaurants, Tony knew what was good and
what was bad for each establishment. Owners didn’t want to take any
advice from a teenager. Tony didn’t take offense to this. Instead he kept
it stored along with simple recipes from his mother he had tried over the
years and knew one day they would be a significant key to his success.

In 1999, Tony met the love of his life … his wife Kelly. They married in
2000. After the birth of their first child, Tony knew he had to “take care
of his family.” Though he had a stable and secure job working for the
street department of Chicago, Tony, with the support of his wife, decided
to leave everything and take a huge chance in opening an Italian

Tony’s love for food comes second to his love for his family …
which includes his children, AnnaMaria, Luigino and Mario
who all seem to have inherited the creative mind of their father,
and stepson Macaulay, who enjoys eating it all!